Rudy Adrian

  1. Coastlines 3:40
  2. Before Dawn 10:32
  3. Angel of the Morning
  4. Island of Pirates
  5. Passing through Familiar Hills 3:43
  6. moonwater
  7. Ancestral Legacy 4:15
  8. Desert Realms
  9. Dreams of Subantarctica
  10. Of Clouds and Mountains
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Rudy Adrian (born ca. 1969) is an ambient musician from Dunedin in New Zealand. Working in styles ranging from beatless atmospheric music to heavily sequenced electronica, Adrian has released several albums of his music, as well as producing sound track for television in his profession as a sound engineer for Taylormade Media.
Rudy Adrian first started making electronic music in the recording studios at Canterbury University while he was studying Forestry Science. Eventually abandoning Forestry Science, he tutored electronic music at the University of Otago while completing a degree in Botany.
This was followed by several years as a freelance musician and sound effects creator f...

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Клип Rudy Adrian - Ancestral Legacy

Ancestral Legacy

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