1. Let It Go
  2. Shadow People 5:58
  3. 013 - mixed by Rregula 47:25
  4. Halftime 12:23
  5. Corner Hash Man 7:14
  6. Arrival 4:02
  7. Bunyip 5:40
  8. Divide By Squid 4:25
  9. Doom Loop - Mefjus Remix
  10. Dugong Rollout 5:07
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Rregula is the stage name of Ross Deschamp, a Drum and Bass DJ, and producer.
Based out of Perth, Western Australia, he started making Drum & Bass in 2001 after listening to the sounds of Sinthetix, Rob F, Skynet, SKC, Cause 4 Concern, and Black Sun Empire.
In 2003, Rregula collaborated with fellow local producer Phetsta under the shared alias “Bad Robot”. Together they had some successful releases, such as 2006's "Forever" on Black Sun Empire recordings.
Soon after, Rregula turned to solo production and has released many singles and more recently the "Where Am I?" ep on Shadybrain recordings

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Клип Rregula - Shadow People

Shadow People

Клип Rregula - 013 - mixed by Rregula

013 - mixed by Rregula

Клип Rregula - Halftime


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