Ross Copperman

  1. Hunger 3:15
  2. They'll Never Know 3:38
  3. White Flag 3:43
  4. Enough Is Never Gonna Be Enough 3:35
  5. Someone to Someone 4:15
  6. Shout 1:34
  7. Holding On and Letting Go 5:18
  8. All She Wrote
  9. They'll Never Know
  10. Found You
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Ross Copperman (born 1983) is an American singer-songwriter. He's perhaps most well-known for his song All She Wrote which was released in the UK in the beginning of 2007.


Ross Copperman was born on October 1st, 1982 and grew up in Roanoke, Virginia. He attended Glenvar High School in Roanoke County.

Ross started playing the piano at age 3, and started writing songs in college at James Madison University. The first song he wrote is titled "Fly Away", and it appears on his studio debut album. He says that it was only after the urging of his teacher (who had listened to this song) that he was convinced to take up music professionally.

While in ...

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Клип Ross Copperman - Hunger


Клип Ross Copperman - They'll Never Know

They'll Never Know

Клип Ross Copperman - Enough Is Never Gonna Be Enough

Enough Is Never Gonna Be Enough

Клип Ross Copperman - Someone to Someone

Someone to Someone

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