1. Bye Bye Macadam 7:46
  2. Acid Reflux (feat. Toshinori Kondo) 4:01
  3. Tempelhof 3:20
  4. Sir Orfeo
  5. Beast 7:14
  6. Better 3:13
  7. Fugu Kiss 4:46
  8. I, Philip 4:33
  9. Lou 3:42
  10. Switches (feat. Baxter Dury) 4:19
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Paris-born producer Erwan Castex, aka RONE, has become a household name in the electronic music scene since he began his career in 2007.

His most famous hits, “Bora”, “Belleville” or lately "Nackt" and “So So So” rank among his best supporters beat-providers of the like of Pantha Du Prince, Ellen Allien, Steve Lawler, Michael Mayer or UK Superstars Massive Attack and dj Sasha.

Critically acclaimed, his debut album, “Spanish Breakfast” released in 2009, appealing to both dancefloors and living rooms alike has established him as one of the rising stars French scene.

Playing exclusively Live, Rone has already performed his powerful set at Rex Club in Paris, Berg...

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