Ron Pope

  1. A Drop In The Ocean 3:48
  2. I Don't Mind If You Don't Mind 3:09
  3. Our Song 3:55
  4. Wherever You Go 2:57
  5. If You Were a Stone 3:41
  6. Save Me 3:11
  7. Lies and Cigarettes 3:27
  8. Sometimes 3:11
  9. One Grain of Sand (Ben Romans Remix)
  10. October Trees 4:24
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A musician’s musician, Ron Pope can do it all: sing his heart out, rip a guitar apart like his life depends on it, write a powerful anthem or a heartbreaking ballad, and rock a crowd anytime, anywhere. Likened to artists as diverse as Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, and U2, Pope’s musicality allows him to satisfy listeners of all kinds.

Pope has garnered critical acclaim the world over for his gorgeous and unmistakable voice, electrifying stage presence, incredible songcraft, and high octane, blues-rock fueled guitar fireworks that hit listeners square in the gut. “First, I wanted to play just like Hendrix. Then, I wanted to create unique sonic landscapes, like Jonny Greenwood or ...

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Клип Ron Pope - A Drop In The Ocean

A Drop In The Ocean

Клип Ron Pope - I Don't Mind If You Don't Mind

I Don't Mind If You Don't Mind

Клип Ron Pope - Our Song

Our Song

Клип Ron Pope - Wherever You Go

Wherever You Go

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