Rocky Dawuni

  1. Walls Tumblin Down 4:32
  2. Jerusalem
  3. African Reggae Fever 4:29
  4. In Ghana 3:35
  5. Book Of Changes (Closing) 3:36
  6. Download The Revolution 4:41
  7. Shine a Light 4:01
  8. Extraordinary Woman 5:04
  9. Take It Slow
  10. African Thriller - Jeremy Sole Remix
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Hailed as “Ghana’s Bob Marley” by England’s leading influential newspaper New Nation, Rocky Dawuni burst on to the African reggae scene in 1996 with his debut recording, The Movement. An introspective journey into social and spiritual consciousness, the album garnered immediate rave reviews, as well as two hit singles, "Sugar" and "What Goes Around.” The CD was also released in the U.S. to critical acclaim and glowing praise.

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Клип Rocky Dawuni - Walls Tumblin Down

Walls Tumblin Down

Клип Rocky Dawuni - Jerusalem


Клип Rocky Dawuni - African Reggae Fever

African Reggae Fever

Клип Rocky Dawuni - In Ghana

In Ghana

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