Rocket Sister


Pop Melodic Metal Band from Samara, Russia started not long ago, in january 2009. A combination of complex metal riffs, powerfull drums and melodic clean vocals makes our sound interesting and unique.
The band consists of rather different people. If it was not music, we wouldn't have got to know each other, but what we do now unites us. Unites in a band called Rocket Sister.
Well…here we are, different enough to complement each other.
- Alex (Guitars) is the oldest guy, we jokingly call him father. Always earnest and discontented still very amusing. He knows all technical aspects. If you want to get a cool guitar tone just consult with him))
- Serge (Bass)...

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Клип Rocket Sister - Mr. Bad

Mr. Bad

Клип Rocket Sister - Lie Cry Die

Lie Cry Die

Клип Rocket Sister - Losing Pride

Losing Pride

Клип Rocket Sister - Soundwave


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