Rock City

  1. Locked Away (feat. Adam Levine) 4:24
  2. You Are 4:13
  3. Locked Away 3:46
  4. Make Up 3:26
  5. Make Up (feat. Chloe Angelides)
  6. I Got You 3:34
  7. I Lost Your Love
  8. Live by the Gun (feat. Akon)
  9. Twice My Age 3:54
  10. After The Club 4:03
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Rock City are a US-based Caribbean-R&B singing, rapping, and songwriting duo, composed of brothers Timothy and Theron Thomas, who go by the stage names of Don't Talk Much and Da Spokesman.

Hailing from St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands, they grew up in the Oswald Harris Court Projects (popularly known as Housin'). The talented Thomas brothers graduated from Charlotte Amalie High School (C.A.H.S.) in 2000. They released their first mixtape one year later under the name 2EKwip(2EK).They later changed their name to Rock City because that's what Saint Thomians (people from St. Thomas) call St. Thomas. After struggling, they managed to get to the U.S. main...

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Клип Rock City - You Are

You Are

Клип Rock City - I Got You

I Got You

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