Robert Skoro

  1. In Line 4:34
  2. All The Angles
  3. Before the Sun
  4. I Was Blonde At Age 4
  5. John Muir
  6. Kidnapped!
  7. Michael Row Your Boat Ashore
  8. Old Friend
  9. Logicians
  10. 2318 3:29
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Born: December 31, 1969
Genre: Rock & Alternative
Imagine growing up loving the widely varying music of Doc Watson, Leo Kottke, Jimmy Page, and Greg Ginn in a small Minnesota town that's "the sociological equivalent of the color brown" – according to the man himself – and you might understand how singer/songwriter/guitarist Robert Skoro came to create his own enigmatic indie pop. While many of his idols were guitar legends, Skoro found songwriting was his strength instead of heavy riffage. When he was 17, a chance meeting with the like-minded Mason Jennings resulted in Skoro playing on Jennings' sophomore release, Birds Flying Away, co-produci...

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Клип Robert Skoro - In Line

In Line

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