Rob Sonic

  1. Not For Nothing 2:59
  2. Alice In Thunderdome 3:39
  3. Brand New Vandals 3:47
  4. Everything Bagel 4:02
  5. Freezer Food 3:39
  6. Gorf
  7. Killjoy
  8. Pep Rally 2:59
  9. Rock Paper Scissors
  10. Student Bodies
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Rob Sonic is a hip hop artist from The Bronx, born in Washington DC. As a child growing up, he devoted himself to many styles of music and was a follower of artists such as The Beatles, Run DMC, Kraftwerk, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, Public Enemy, Muddy Waters, Ultramagnetic MC's, The Clash among many others.
In 2000, Rob gained critical acclaim as the front man of the group Sonic Sum, whose album The Sanity Annex won rave reviews in the U.S., Europe and Japan, with Spin voting it the “2nd Best Album of the Year that No One Heard”.
Word got around and soon came offers from artists like DJ Krush and Funkstörung to work with them on their albums, a collaboration with Slug (f...

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Клип Rob Sonic - Not For Nothing

Not For Nothing

Клип Rob Sonic - Brand New Vandals

Brand New Vandals

Клип Rob Sonic - Gorf


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