Richard "Groove" Holmes

  1. Minor Surgery
  2. Girl Talk 5:52
  3. Groovin' For Mr. G
  4. Misty 6:05
  5. No Trouble on the Mountain
  6. Song For My Father
  7. Groove's Groove
  8. Down Home Funk
  9. Soul Message
  10. Red Onion
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Richard Arnold "Groove" Holmes (Camden, New Jersey, May 2, 1931 – St. Louis, Missouri, June 29, 1991) was an American jazz organist who performed in the hard bop and soul jazz genre. He is best known for his 1965 recording of "Misty", and is considered a precursor of acid jazz.
Holmes' first album, on Pacific Jazz with guest Ben Webster, was recorded in March 1961.
His sound was immediately recognizable in the upper register, but even more so because of his virtuosity in creating, undoubtedly, the most rapid, punctuating, and pulsating basslines of all the jazz organists.
Though he died at the age of 60, he established a recognition within the commu...

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