Reformed Faction

  1. Hollerei
  2. Micha
  3. A Hundred Flowers Have Bloomed
  4. Fish Build
  5. Illustrious and unknown
  6. In advance of the broken arc
  7. Return of the Deflatable Man
  8. Shadow book of flowers
  9. The rotted stick that screeches lying
  10. We Are Like Angels Falling Down
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Reformed Faction is a musical group formed in 2005 by three former members of Zoviet France: Andy Eardley, Mark Spybey and Robin Storey. The band's original name was The Reformed Faction of Soviet France. They played one concert, in Vienna on 10 November 2005, and released a self-titled album on the Vienna-based Klanggalerie label. In 2006, they announced that they were to continue the project under the name Reformed Faction in order to detach themselves from the name Zoviet France. The album was re-pressed under the new name and given the new title Vota. In the same year, Andy Eardley departed the band. They subsequently toured East Germany and recorded a second album, The War Again...

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