1. Ihan Helmi 3:20
  2. Me Tehtiin Tää 3:58
  3. Ei tarvii esittää 3:17
  4. Chillaillaan 3:28
  5. Boom Kah ft. Mikael Gabriel, Uni
  6. Lupaan tulla pelastaa 3:32
  7. Neon 3:30
  8. Vahva (Elastinen feat. Robin)
  9. Frontside Ollie 3:01
  10. Vuonna 2525 - In the Year 2525 3:27
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Robin Packalen (born August 24,1998 in Turku, Finland), better known by his stage name Robin, is a Finnish singer and teen pop artist.

In 2008, Robin won the Finnish nationwide singing contest for youth, Staraskaba, when he was just 10. In 2009, he represented Finland at the New Wave Junior Contest in Moscow, which was followed by about 100 million viewers.

On 16 January 2012, he released his first official single "Frontside Ollie" composed by Maki Kolehmainen, Jimi Constantine, Sana Mustonen, Bernard Grobman and Tracy Lipp. It enjoyed instant success, huge following online and based on digital downloads debuted at number five on the Finnish Singles Chart. The single...

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Клип ROBIN - Ihan Helmi

Ihan Helmi

Клип ROBIN - Ei tarvii esittää

Ei tarvii esittää

Клип ROBIN - Chillaillaan


Клип ROBIN - Boom Kah ft. Mikael Gabriel, Uni

Boom Kah ft. Mikael Gabriel, Uni

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