1. Art College
  2. Cherry Blossom
  3. Let Out all the Crazy
  4. Money Talks
  5. More Keith Richards
  6. Race Car 2
  7. Sponsor
  8. Talk to Me
  9. The Cut 5:13
  10. Whatever
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"Prince seemed outrageous in the '80s, but after years of gangsta rap pushing the sexual envelope, Quitzow sounds relatively subdued when she sing/raps, "Smoke black tar in my mom's car, skip lunch and go to a strip bar," it just sounds like good, dirty fun. Quitzow is one of the few female auteurs in pop. She wrote, produced, and played most of the instruments on Juice Water, and it's a blast from start to finish. It's possibly her best work yet. Juice Water may be something of a funky change of direction, but it's also a playful reminder of what makes her music so engaging. " (ALL MUSIC GUIDE, Summer 2010)

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Клип Quitzow - The Cut

The Cut

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