1. Eternal Empire
  2. Final Reckoning 1:43
  3. Majestic Armada
  4. Gates Of The Abyss
  5. Nightclub Swing 1:16
  6. Heaven's Triumph 2:07
  7. Candle of Hope
  8. Battle Dawn 1:27
  9. Code Seeker 2:00
  10. Dark Vengeance 1:41
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Q-FACTORY group exist as three members:

(Film & Television Composer/Record Producer/Songwriter)

Film and television composer, record producer, songwriter you name it, Robert Etoll does it and does it well. His dynamic musical talents can be heard on projects as diverse as recordings by Reba McEntire and Jennifer Love Hewitt, as well as work for film directors Steven Spielberg and Garry Marshall. Robert composed and performed the successful feature films The Danger Zone and Vampire at Midnight, and has scored a number of TV shows. In short, his work has pervaded television, radio, cinema and the record charts for years.

Born in upsta...

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Клип Q-Factory - Eternal Empire

Eternal Empire

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