1. Cloudwalking - Original Mix
  2. Undo The Silence - Original Mix
  3. Sunseeker
  4. My Religion
  5. Point of Impact
  6. Square One - Thrillseekers Remix
  7. Things You Say
  8. Voyager
  9. In Deep
  10. Another Night in London
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Andy Perring aka Pulser is credited by many as being one of the worlds top producers of Dance music. His tracks and remixes have graced the decks of the worlds best clubs and appeared on countless compilations, radio and television shows.
In 1998 Andy teamed up with friend Westy to form 'The Olmec Heads'. Initially a live outfit they secured a deal with German label Colourbox and had a string of releases including 'Lift Off', 'New Skies' and 'Promises', all of which gained big DJ support.
1999 saw The Olmec Heads turn towards the emerging trance scene with 'Spiritualised'. The track was snapped up by Neo records and became the Ol...

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Клип Pulser - Undo The Silence - Original Mix

Undo The Silence - Original Mix

Клип Pulser - Sunseeker


Клип Pulser - My Religion

My Religion

Клип Pulser - In Deep

In Deep

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