1. Welcome To My Mind (Anesthesia Mix)
  2. Breathing Room
  3. Secret Life 4:23
  4. Chromagnum 5:04
  5. Panik Kontrol 3:22
  6. Unlearn 4:50
  7. It Has Begun 2:53
  8. Welcome to My Mind 4:38
  9. Silicon Jesus 5:22
  10. Need to Die 4:03
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Their first album, Psykosonik, was a hard-hitting techno album with cyberpunk-esque lyrics.

Their follow-up album, Unlearn, had a completely different sound. The DJ/techno stylings, aggressive vocals, and sampled guitar riffs were replaced by lush electronic sound scapes and mellow vocals. About half the tracks were instrumentals. The lyrics continued to focus on cyberpunk and extropian themes: Virtual Reality, AI, cybernetics, life extension, and science.

The band's third album, Spiritual Machine, was completed by 1997 but was never released by the band's label, Wax Trax! Records, who were by this time owned by TVT Records. The experience led to the subsequent disba...

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Клип Psykosonik - It Has Begun

It Has Begun

Клип Psykosonik - Welcome to My Mind

Welcome to My Mind

Клип Psykosonik - Silicon Jesus

Silicon Jesus

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