1. K.L. Punye Cerita 5:31
  2. Hey Pretty 3:45
  3. Madu Tiga (Ikut Lagu P.Ramlee) 5:11
  4. Kebanggan Orang Melayu 5:05
  5. Control 6:03
  6. Angry Johnny
  7. Haunted 5:20
  8. Hello 4:31
  9. Not a Virgin 3:42
  10. Spanish Doll 4:53
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Named for a halloween costume based on an Edgar Allan Poe short story, Poe gained a contract with Atlantic during the boom of female singer/songwriters during the mid-'90s.

Originally from New York City, she moved around frequently with her parents — a director and an actress — but returned to New York at the age of 16 when they divorced. Poe enrolled at Princeton, and played in a band during her time there.

Signed to Atlantic in 1994, she recorded an album with several producers and co-writers and released Hello the following year. The single "Angry Johnny" pushed Hello into the album charts, and during 1996 Poe supported Lenny Kravitz with a band including g...

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Клип Poe - Hey Pretty

Hey Pretty

Клип Poe - Control


Клип Poe - Angry Johnny

Angry Johnny

Клип Poe - Haunted


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