1. Under Control 4:29
  2. barbados 4:43
  3. cornflakes 4:40
  4. dataset 4:36
  5. dope from moscow 4:49
  6. intro 1:32
  7. lisa s. 4:21
  8. shadow kingdom 5:19
  9. Welcome at the End
  10. Up Pops a Spider 0:44
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There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Plasma is a death metal-influenced goregrind band from Frankfurt, Germany. They started out on 1998 and have released two full lengths so far, besides releasing a couple of demos and a some splits with bands like Corpse Molesting Pervert, Canker and Spermswamp.
2) Plasma - Parov Stelar got involved in producing and publishing in 2000 for the first time. After early works under the pseudonym Plasma and his real name, and also being a partner of the label Bushido Recordings, in 2004 he started producing under the pseudonym Parov Stelar.

3) Plasma is a Portugese dark ambient proj...

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