Pawa Up First

  1. Big Freeze
  2. Charlotte 3:12
  3. KNTKT
  5. Signal Beat
  6. Teru Teru Bozu
  7. The Departure
  8. The Listeners
  9. Time Slip
  10. Visitors
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PAWA UP FIRST started out as a recording project in 2001 and has since then evolved into a quintet mainly comprised of piano/synth, guitar, bass, drums and percussion with occasionnal collaborators including a horn section, guest vocalists and MCs. Influenced by elements of indie-rock, film music, hip-hop, dub, electro and experimental jazz, PAWA UP FIRST creates a wide range of atmospheres and dynamics with its mostly instrumental repertoire accompanied live by video projections. Albums: "The Scenario" (2005 / DTC Records) "Introducing New Details" (2006 / DTC) PAWA UP FIRST is: Serge Nakauchi Pelletier: Guitar/Synth Matt Pontbriand: Bass/Synth/ Christian Baang: Piano...

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