Paul Freeman

  1. Tightrope 3:17
  2. That’s How It Is
  3. The Girl Who Broke in Two
  4. You and I
  5. Thats How It Is
  6. That's How It Is
  7. Earthquakes
  8. Don't Give Up
  9. When It Rains
  10. Still Need You
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Paul Freeman is a Welsh-born singer-song writer of folksy pop songs now living in the United States.

Freeman’s EP You and I was released on the Arista label on 12 November 2008. The four songs on that album are the title track, “Tightrope,” “That’s How It Is” and “Earthquakes.”

His EP That’s How It Is was released on 1 August 2009. It was produced by Howard Benson (Daughtry, Flyleaf, Motörhead, My Chemical Romance) and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge (U2, Leona Lewis, Snow Patrol).

Freeman’s song “That’s How It Is” was featured near the close of an episode of the Fox Network show Past Life called “Soul Music” (S01E03), first broadcast on 18 February 2010. His Song "Tightro...

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Клип Paul Freeman - Tightrope


Клип Paul Freeman - The Girl Who Broke in Two

The Girl Who Broke in Two

Клип Paul Freeman - You and I

You and I

Клип Paul Freeman - Thats How It Is

Thats How It Is

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