Paul B

  1. Whisper 6:25
  2. Morning Light 5:12
  3. Nuborn Mixes - Mix 4
  4. Bayawak 5:47
  5. Drop by Drop 6:02
  6. Euphoria VIP 5:41
  7. Have No Fear
  8. Nobody Likes a Monster
  9. Solar Unreal
  10. This Is The Girl
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With huge background in drum & bass music, Paul B has a remarkable discography of smashing dancefloor hits and – more recently – deep melodic vibes released worldwide in UK and US for the labels like DSCI4, Human Imprint, Renegade Hardware, Allsorts UK, Syncopix recs. supported by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Andy C, Marky, John B, Marcus Intalex and many many more. Releases were followed by endless DJ-tours across the Globe and homeland for biggest events and festivals (World Of D&B, Pirate Station to name a few) and finally the launch of famous Friday d&b-nights in Moscow’s Propaganda. Paul has pioneered in Russia by setting up his own label called STEP2ZERO recordings with...

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Клип Paul B - Whisper


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