1. Лора 4:05
  2. До Тебе В Небо 3:56
  3. Ворог Мій 4:55
  4. За гратами 4:06
  5. Сльози 4:35
  6. Ілюзія 1:06
  7. Злива 3:18
  8. Too Little Too Late 3:14
  9. Щось Справжнє 4:31
  10. Чарівниця карма 5:48
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1. PINS is a British rock band formed in Manchester in 2011. The group consists of singer/guitarist Faith Holgate, guitarist Lois McDonald, bassist Anna Donigan, and drummer Sophie Galpin. Singer Faith Holgate cites bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Hole as influences.
PINS formed in 2011 when Faith Holgate, while looking for bandmates, decided that she wanted to form an all-girl band rather than be the token girl in a mostly male band. They released their first album, Girls Like Us, in September 2013. In 2015, they opened for Sleater-Kinney on the UK leg of their tour.

PINS second album ‘Wild Nights’ was released on Bella Union on 9 June 2015


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Клип PINS - Лора


Клип PINS - За гратами

За гратами

Клип PINS - Сльози


Клип PINS - Too Little Too Late

Too Little Too Late

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