Our Broken Garden

  1. The Dark Red Roses 8:34
  2. Garden Grow 4:13
  3. In The Lowlands 3:29
  4. Nightsong
  5. Seven Wild Horses
  6. Share
  7. The Blinding
  8. The Departure 3:39
  9. Watermark 6:09
  10. When Your Blackening Shows
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Our Broken Garden is the solo project of the empyrean-voiced singer-songwriter / slowcore artist Anna Brønsted from Denmark. She recently signed to Bella Union and released her debut ep entitled Lost Sailor which is available through Bella Union and Rumraket in Denmark. It´s a six-track collection of atmospheric, gentle and much haunting melodies… Anna Brønsted is also a member of Efterklang ´s live set-up. The release was recorded with Søren Bigum (guitars), Moogie Johnson (bass), Poul Terkildsen (drums), Palle Hjorth (organ and keys) and Lise Westzynthius (piano). http://ourbrokengarden.com/

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Клип Our Broken Garden - Garden Grow

Garden Grow

Клип Our Broken Garden - When Your Blackening Shows

When Your Blackening Shows

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