1. Light Years Away 0:30
  2. Oliver! 6:54
  3. Prije sna
  4. Consider Yourself
  5. Food, Glorious Food
  6. Night Is On My Mind 4:21
  7. Heart Attack (feat. De La Soul) 3:48
  8. Full Circle 1:21
  9. Mechanical 3:46
  10. Fast Forward 4:44
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Oliver have found the beating heart inside the dance machine. Whether moving bodies at the world's biggest electronic festivals, or hand-crafting digital gems in the studio, the producer / DJ duo of U-Tern and Oligee are responsible for some of the funkiest, toughest, and most diverse dance music today.

After spending years writing, producing, DJing and digging for vinyl, U-Tern and Oligee linked up in LA to forge something groundbreaking. They took their shared '80s baby tastes - relentlessly groovy R&B, boombox worthy hip-hop, soaring electropop hooks - and mashed them together in remixes for everyone from Chromeo and Foster The People to Breakbot and techno godfath...

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Клип Oliver - Light Years Away

Light Years Away

Клип Oliver - Oliver!


Клип Oliver - Prije sna

Prije sna

Клип Oliver - Consider Yourself

Consider Yourself

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