1. Off the Radar
  2. Whenever You Need Me
  3. Underfire
  4. Sidewise in Time 4:08
  5. Stamppot
  6. Dream Path #1
  7. Zone Defense
  8. Bipolar
  9. Doldrums
  10. Paperboy 5:36
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Nymfo has been apart of Drum and Bass for well over a decade, a mastermind and organizer of one of the number one events in the Netherlands, Red Zone and ICON, which attracted some of the scenes biggest names. On top of these events he would also hold intimate events show casing the deeper vibes of Drum and Bass, keeping his hand on all aspects of the sound he loved.

Over the last 12 years, Nymfo has been immersed in deejaying, from his own events to headlining shows around Europe and the world, Nymfo was seen as one of the most talented up and coming deejays in the scene. This was then established in 2005 when he won the ‘Best Dutch Drum and Bass DJ’ then went on to win the same ti...

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