Nuclear Winter

  1. End Transmission 1:46
  2. Terminal Velocity 2:02
  3. Ascension 2:15
  4. End Transmission (Original Mix)
  5. Revelation 2:40
  6. The World Below 2:10
  7. Frozen in Time 1:57
  8. Halo Jump 2:13
  9. Storm Surge 1:53
  10. Natural Selection 2:29
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The band performed as a 3 and 4-piece with Jarmed on bass. A tour of the east coast of Australia was planned in 2002 but did not eventuate. In 2004 Jarmed switched to drums and Demonthorne took up guitars.

Demonthorne moved to Perth and Vrag Moj did session vocals for the Recrucifying the Bastard V live performance.

Several unreleased demo recordings exists as well as live footage from various performances throughout the years.

In 2006 Demonthorne returned to the band and a new album is in the works.

Contributed to the "Vandemonian - Black Metal Compilation of Van Diemans Land" compilation CD (Asgard Musik, 2007) with the track "A Raven Amongst Th...

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Клип Nuclear Winter - End Transmission

End Transmission

Клип Nuclear Winter - The World Below

The World Below

Клип Nuclear Winter - Halo Jump

Halo Jump

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