1. Tricks 5:28
  2. Depend ON You 4:50
  3. Miss Mood 8:00
  4. Movie Girl 3:14
  5. California Dreaming 2:39
  6. Miss Mood - Satin Jackets Remix
  7. Perfect Beach 4:11
  8. Safest 4:13
  9. She's Dancing 3:39
  10. Who Wouldn't 3:54
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Novika (1974–, born Katarzyna Nowicka) is a Polish vocalist, DJ, and producer. She plays a blend of electro music, deep house, deep techno, and dubtronica.

She is known for her numerous collaborations with Futro, Smolik, Fisz, Vienio & Pele, Adamus and others, all of whom appeared on her album "Feat. Novika" (Sissy, 2004). In Radiostacja she hosted her show "Radio Lazy Sunday" for 5 years. Then she moved to Jazz Radio for a while and ended up in national radio for young people - BIS. Here she serves lazy and experimental electronic sounds and presents new local talents. She supports Polish artists and DJs also through compilations (Radio Leniwa Niedziela, Sis...

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Клип Novika - Tricks


Клип Novika - Depend ON You

Depend ON You

Клип Novika - Miss Mood - Satin Jackets Remix

Miss Mood - Satin Jackets Remix

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