Nova Prospect

  1. An Evil Insurmountable
  2. of rot and rapture
  3. Usurper
  4. Introduction To Inhumanity
  5. Manaconda
  6. Into Cadaverous Eyes
  7. Crossing The Acheron
  8. Cataclysmic Revelry
  9. Extirpation
  10. The Nameless Eternal
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there are 3 bands with name Nova Prospect:
1)Baranovichy, Belarus and they're playing something like alternative hardcore with experimantal parts.
2) Nova Prospect is a six-piece Melodic Death Metal outfit from the Ohio valley. The band was formed in early 2007 by founding members Cory Waugh (bass) and Doug Hodges (guitar) and has gone through a few grueling member changes before solidifying the current line-up in June 2008.
After months of writing new material the band entered the studio in October 2008 to begin tracking their debut album "Usurper" at Sacred Sound Studios in Martin's Ferry, Ohio and offer their first testament to heavy metal.

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