1. Bad Machine (feat. Insomnia) (Original Mix)
  2. Bad Machine (feat. Insomnia) 3:48
  3. Intro 1:25
  4. Solanum Nigrum 7:21
  5. Short Cut 1 1:15
  6. The Thing In The Pit 5:18
  7. Something New
  8. The Hero - Original Mix
  9. Super Funk 6:03
  10. Synthesizer 3:48
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Hailing from Sanremo, Italy, NOSTALGIA was created in 1992 by guitarist Massimo Mazzeo, a Canterbury style enthusiast, and his friend guitarist/keyboard player Andrea Romano, a passionate CAMEL fan who also was very much into VAN HALEN, AL DI MEOLA and SANTANA. It is their common love for CAMEL that brought them together in 1982 to form a duo called ODEON. With the addition of various members, they evolved into NOSTALGIA and performed live, doing a mixture of cover songs and original material. The band has since released three albums of their own in addition to appearing on 3 tribute albums: GENESIS tribute "The River of Constant Change"; VDGG tribute "Eyewitness"; and...

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Клип Nostalgia - Intro


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