Nora En Pure

  1. Come With Me 4:19
  2. Tears in Your Eyes 3:34
  3. Come With Me - Radio Mix 2:53
  4. You Make Me Float (Original Mix) 5:43
  5. Sphinx (Club Mix) 7:00
  6. Saltwater - 2015 Radio Rework
  7. Zambia 4:37
  8. You Are My Pride - Original Mix
  9. Diving with Whales 5:45
  10. Loneliness (Original Mix) 6:05
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Nora En Pure

At the core of Indie Dance and Deep House music, Swiss based Nora En Pure is on a quest to fulfil her need to arouse feelings of bliss and inject unconventional and serene sensations to be carried out into the world. The vivid South African, has already proven to be quite productive, what resulted in deep and funky works of audible engineering for the label Enormous Tunes and Tokenish since 2009. Besides her passion for Africa, only music has been able to steal her feelings to that extent leading her to dedicate more and more mind and soul to it. The melodic but mesmerising club music has been fashioning a big and an undoubtedly dedicated fanbase.

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Клип Nora En Pure - Tears in Your Eyes

Tears in Your Eyes

Клип Nora En Pure - Come With Me - Radio Mix

Come With Me - Radio Mix

Клип Nora En Pure - You Make Me Float (Original Mix)

You Make Me Float (Original Mix)

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