1. See The Light
  2. confucius 3:54
  3. Revolution Is Here
  4. Addictive Fantasy 4:44
  5. Faster 'N Further 2:25
  6. Gimme Love 2:29
  7. Down Down 4:07
  8. Attack Again 5:43
  9. Spirit of Hardstyle (Edit) 4:47
  10. Million Miles
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Noisecontrollers consists of 2 fulltime producers: Bas Oskam and Arjan Terpstra.

Founded in 2005 both with a totally different musical background but with a great preference for Hardstyle (in every shape that is). Their First release was on DJS-Records called “Wanna Freak You” and their second release “Creatures” already on the big Fusion Records.

In 2007 their popularity grew strong and they started to perform their live act (including their own MC. Michel Rijenga as MC Renegade), which was a big success! Booked in clubs all over the world, people more and more enjoyed the Noisecontrollers sound. In the same year they released “Crump “ & “Aliens” and things really started...

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Клип Noisecontrollers - See The Light

See The Light

Клип Noisecontrollers - confucius


Клип Noisecontrollers - Addictive Fantasy

Addictive Fantasy

Клип Noisecontrollers - Faster 'N Further

Faster 'N Further

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