No Name

  1. Mat Enger Trein 6:31
  2. 希望について 4:06
  3. Zauvijek moja 3:02
  4. Lekná 3:30
  5. Zily (Live)
  6. Cim to je 3:19
  7. du hast den schönsten arsch der welt
  8. Žily 3:22
  9. Kibou ni tsuite 4:00
  10. Prva 3:18
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No Name A legendary act from Luxembourg, which played along the lines of MARILLION, albeit with a more bombastic and symphonic sound.They were found in 1988 in Dudelange and moved throughout their career around original members Patrick Kiefer (vocals), Alex Rukavina (keyboards) and Chris Sonntag (drums).1993 sees the debut of the band ''Zodiac'' and two years later the fantastic follow-up ''The Secret Garden'' is published.Shortly after they secured a contract with Musea's branch label Angular Records and they celebrated their 10th anniversary with a third release, ''The Other Side''.Entering the mi...

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Клип No Name - 希望について


Клип No Name - Zauvijek moja

Zauvijek moja

Клип No Name - Lekná


Клип No Name - Žily


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