No Limit

  1. Черно-белое кино 3:25
  2. Между нами любовь 3:39
  3. Мальчики и девочки 4:07
  4. Все не так 4:12
  5. I Can Tell
  6. 2 Unlimited 16:12
  7. Pass Me Da Green
  8. Im Bout It, Bout It
  9. Tight Whips
  10. Burbons & Lacs
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No Limit – MC / Producer / Actor that is based in London. Focuses on (Hip Hop / Grime / Dubstep / Breakbeat / Bassline /DnB ) mainly Urban Electronic Production that delivers positive message to people saying “There is No Limit” how far you can go and what you can achieve.

At the moment working on No Limit Project which is about producing a Compilation CD for young people. Project aspires to draw young people away from the street where they often get involved in anti-social behaviour and gather young people together in a safe environment.

In the beginning of 2008 No Limit released a Most Wanted Mixtape Vol.1 where he gathered a lot of young talents from all over the world to...

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Клип No Limit - 2 Unlimited

2 Unlimited

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