1. Pop Group
  2. Destination Tokyo
  3. Sonic Youth
  4. Ikkkyokume
  5. This Heat
  6. 2534
  7. Kyuukohan
  8. Souzousuru Neji
  9. Kyaaaaaaa
  10. Disco
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Somewhere between DNA and DFA. This Japanese trio borrows as much from experimental no wave and post punk as it does from the dancing kings of New York disco. With its rapid-fire bursts of endlessly looped phrases, this music immediately puts you into a total trance. “Next thing you know, these three tiny diminutive women were making us look like idiots because they were so incredible,” said John Stanier, complementing Nisennenmondai after sharing the stage with them in Battles. He didn’t hold it against them, naturally. Battles soon invited the Japanese artists to play at All Tomorrow’s Parties. They were the right band in the right place, because the trio really do sound like a party in...

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