1. Back In America 3:50
  2. Money Money 2020 2:12
  3. Supermodel Robots 2:06
  4. Roshambo 3:15
  5. Joe Robot 2:03
  6. Transistors Gone Wild
  7. Spike 2:46
  8. Love And Money
  9. Right Hand-A-Rama
  10. Spastic Society
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The Network is a six-piece New Wave band, which is believed to be a secret side project of the members of Green Day. They released their debut album Money Money 2020 on Billie Joe Armstrong's independent record label Adeline Records on September 30, 2003. A re-release of the album, with two bonus tracks, followed in 2004. It is unknown if they are still active or have disbanded.

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Клип Network - Back In America

Back In America

Клип Network - Money Money 2020

Money Money 2020

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