Nero Argento

  1. Play Us Loud 3:51
  2. The Antidote
  3. Advertising Muse 4:14
  4. Will You 4:30
  5. 03 Daedalus Calls
  6. Foreground 3:21
  7. Daedalus Calls 4:10
  8. Underworld 4:59
  9. Come Dedalo e Icaro
  10. Helpless 3:14
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NeroArgento is a project created by multi-instrumentalist Alessio NeroArgento (songwriter, producer, programmer and remixer). NeroArgento's music is a concrete mix of grunge rock, metal and electronic music enriched with orchestral nuances, acid, industrial and fx sounds.
The first release, an half-Italian half-English sung demo compilation called "Self-control Juice Manifesto", began to catch some attentions since the release of the first single "Trust".
The first distribution partnership came on November 2010 with the famous electronic/D&B/rock label FiXT, owned by Klayton of Celldweller.
NeroArgento's music slowly begins to attract a...

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Клип Nero Argento - Play Us Loud

Play Us Loud

Клип Nero Argento - The Antidote

The Antidote

Клип Nero Argento - Advertising Muse

Advertising Muse

Клип Nero Argento - Will You

Will You

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