Neon Plastix

  1. 18-30's 4:53
  2. Gentlemens Gold 3:30
  3. 18-30's
  4. Death to Disco
  5. Dream
  6. Electricity 3:31
  7. Fashion Icon 3:08
  8. Halfway to Love
  9. Indecisions
  10. Neon Invasion
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Hailing from Doncaster; NEON PLASTIX live on the sunny-side but cross over the tracks to practice, where they call an industrial welding estate home and nobody minds the electro pop disco racket there! Since 2005 they’ve taken over their home town with an explosion of sound, playing their take on influences ranging from Devo, Talking Heads, U2, Japan, to The Rapture, The Faint, Hall and Oates… the list is endless. And when they’re not painting your ear canals with musical vibrations, they’re running their very own club night – CLUB PLASTIX at The Boiler Rooms in Doncaster. They released their limited debut “Prick Tease” / “Neon Invasion” in February which gained support from Steve Lamacq ...

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Клип Neon Plastix - Gentlemens Gold

Gentlemens Gold

Клип Neon Plastix - Dream


Клип Neon Plastix - Electricity


Клип Neon Plastix - Halfway to Love

Halfway to Love

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