Neo Geo

  1. I Have No Name 3:45
  2. Are You With Me
  3. Can't Catch Me 3:23
  4. DT Killer 3:11
  5. I'll Be Fine
  6. I've Done It Alone 4:12
  7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 3:38
  8. One Night Stand 3:10
  9. Sex Robot 2:37
  10. Sunshine State
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NEO GEO has been making waves since 2008 with their original and unpredictable brand of electro-tinged rock, described by Sugar Buzz Magazine as, “like Paramore, may remind you of No Doubt, with a touch of Evanescence and lots of EDGE and DRIVE.”

The band’s name is indicative of their attitude towards their sound. “NEO GEO means new earth,” says lead vocalist Rainy Terrell. “We wanted to create something new and special, something groundbreaking and different.”

“All of us coming from different backgrounds, you can hear the influences in the music of the different genres we come from. We also wanted to incorporate an electronic vibe, so we thought NEO GEO was fitting in all asp...

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Клип Neo Geo - DT Killer

DT Killer

Клип Neo Geo - Sex Robot

Sex Robot

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