Natalie Walker

  1. Now or Never 3:25
  2. Waking Dream 3:36
  3. Lost My Shadow 3:45
  4. With You 3:44
  5. Uptight 3:52
  6. Mars 3:50
  7. Circles 3:22
  8. Colorblind 3:11
  9. Empty Road 4:50
  10. I Found You 3:43
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Natalie Walker

It's often said that the true test of an artist's worth arrives on their second album, when they have to prove that their first was no fluke. By that measure, Natalie Walker has succeeded wildly with her sophomore effort With You, a startling maturation from the former lead singer of Daughter Darling.

Expanding the strengths of her first solo album, 2006's Urban Angel, With You is a cool, elegant collection of ethereal songs with a warm beating heart, music that retains the stylish, spacey vibe of her debut while revealing an accentuated pop flavor. This is music that's insinuating and alluring, seductive yet sweet, an album that is poised to...

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Клип Natalie Walker - Now or Never

Now or Never

Клип Natalie Walker - Waking Dream

Waking Dream

Клип Natalie Walker - Lost My Shadow

Lost My Shadow

Клип Natalie Walker - With You

With You

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