Naomi Wachira

  1. You Better 4:56
  2. I'm Alive
  3. Sacred Love 3:21
  4. Just Like You 3:31
  5. Be OK
  6. We Are in Trouble
  7. So What Now
  8. Anywhere
  9. African Girl
  10. I Am a Woman
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There’s no doubt that there’s a better future in store for Naomi, especially after her great breakout year in 2013. Named the Best Folk Singer in Seattle by alt publication Seattle Weekly and featured on their cover, Naomi became the toast of the town, which in turn led to a friendship with the much-loved indie songwriter Damien Jurado, who came onboard to produce this album. Other key collaborators that Naomi brought in, renowned Seattle bassist Evan Flory-Barnes, cellist Natalie Hall (Macklemore), drummer Darren Reynolds (Patrick & The Locomotive), and Latin percussionist Lalo Bello, all brought their own ideas to the accompaniment, guided by Jurado’s desire to keep the music as vib...

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