Mykko Montana

  1. All Night
  2. Dem Bandz
  3. Do It 4:04
  4. Ring Bells
  5. Romeo & Juliet
  6. Whateva I Want
  7. Applying Pressure
  8. Doin' #'S (Jumpshot)
  9. Impossible
  10. Space Age
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Shakespeare once asked, "What is in a name?". Mykko Montana's name has so many meanings but his music can best be defined as exceptional. It is said that art mirrors life, but in hip hop's case there has always been a deliberate entanglement of perception and reality. Fans demand their MC's to keep it real but never too real and that is what Myko Montana is going to give you…realness. Successful hip-hop is about the hint of danger, the tease of it, and the mystique. Hip-hop is about balance. Myko wants the music industry to know he is next. Southern rapper Mychael S. Graves, Jr., known as Myko Montana, began his music journey May 2009. As a solo artist he qu...

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Клип Mykko Montana - Do It

Do It

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