My Gold Mask

  1. Bitches
  2. Fingerprints
  3. O My Soul
  4. Ghost In Your Bed
  5. All Up In the Air
  6. Burn Like the Sun 3:59
  7. Never Go Home
  8. Some Secrets
  9. Violet Eyes 5:03
  10. Circle Mass
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My Gold Mask is a two-piece band from Chicago. Gretta plays drums and sings. Jack plays a nylon string electric guitar. They make extrinsic pop.

About My Gold Mask

"…a delicate balance between 90’s alternative rock gestures and futuristic gypsy tribe shit. But the real magic happens with the versatility of Gretta Rochelle’s vocals — mostly soaring but she’s not afraid to trash it up and sound total gutter."

"Art-nouveau pop-rock flows out of this talented duo with an eerie sense of ease." -SHEENA BEASTON 3/31/09

Melodramatic Popular Song / Minimalist / Crunk

CHICAGO, Illinois United States

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Клип My Gold Mask - Bitches


Клип My Gold Mask - Fingerprints


Клип My Gold Mask - Ghost In Your Bed

Ghost In Your Bed

Клип My Gold Mask - All Up In the Air

All Up In the Air

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