Mr. J. Medeiros

  1. Gone
  2. Fear and Safety feat. Bekah Wagn
  3. Half A Dream
  4. The Sailor
  5. Serious
  6. Amelie - Feat. 20Syl
  7. Call You
  8. Constance 3:32
  9. Her Wings 2:52
  10. Keep Pace
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Jason C. Medeiros (born September 9th, 1977) better known as Mr.J.Medeiros (Mr.J) , is an American M.C., producer, song writer, and social activist . He is responsible for forming the Hip Hop group The Procussions, Thousand Pound Gorilla, the IAmConstance campaign, and the cofounder of I.N.R. (Im No Rotter) spearheaded by himself and brother Seth Medeiros. He has released 3 albums with his group The Procussions; “As Iron Sharpens Iron” and “Up All Night” both on Basementalism Records and “5 Sparrows for 2 Cents” which was Rawkus Records first release on their reemergence in 2006. Mr.J.Medeiros started his solo career in 2007 and released his first album “Of gods and girls” on Rawkus Recor...

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Клип Mr. J. Medeiros - Gone


Клип Mr. J. Medeiros - Fear and Safety feat. Bekah Wagn

Fear and Safety feat. Bekah Wagn

Клип Mr. J. Medeiros - Half A Dream

Half A Dream

Клип Mr. J. Medeiros - The Sailor

The Sailor

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