Mr. Criminal

  1. What You Know About Me 3:27
  2. Ruthless 3:43
  3. Hi Power Roll Call 3:05
  4. Grew up in the 90s 4:39
  5. Who Would've Known 4:36
  6. California Story (feat. Big Sanch) 4:07
  7. Criminal Mentality 3:34
  8. Let's Talk About Bank 4:37
  9. Death Threats 2:59
  10. Livin' My Life (feat. Diablo) 3:45
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Chicano rapper and producer Mr. Criminal takes his name seriously. His tough narratives, told in a lightly gruff deadpan which occasionally breaks into a reflective lilt conveying both languorous ease and gangster fierce, focus on his coming of age in the Silver Lake section of L.A. Meanwhile, the MC has been in and out of trouble with the law, most notably a drug-and-weapon charge in Arizona. Born Robert Garcia in the '80s, Mr. Criminal earned his first break when, shortly out of juvenile detention, he met rapper Mr. Capone-E, who paved the way for the former's 2001 debut Criminal Mentality, released on Capone-E's Thump Records. Around that time, Mr. Criminal also began to...

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Клип Mr. Criminal - What You Know About Me

What You Know About Me

Клип Mr. Criminal - Hi Power Roll Call

Hi Power Roll Call

Клип Mr. Criminal - Criminal Mentality

Criminal Mentality

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