Moses Sumney

  1. Doomed 4:23
  2. Rank And File
  3. Rank & File
  4. Plastic
  5. Man on the Moon
  6. Everlasting Sigh 3:56
  7. Lonely World 4:47
  8. San Fran 4:11
  9. Seeds 3:54
  10. Title of This Song 4:55
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Moses Sumney is a new Los Angeles-based singer & songwriter. Growing up, he was so shy that he would write songs avidly but hide them inside his mattress.

At 20, he moved out of his parents' house to study creative writing at UCLA and finally gathered the courage to start performing music. After purchasing a beat-up guitar from a friend, he taught himself to play and accompany himself. He grew quickly as an artist at UCLA, soon performing weekly alongside the university's most esteemed musicians. Now graduated, he creates soul-infused folk music using guitar and unique arrangements built on loop pedals.

Recently, SPIN Magazine described him as a "soul-folk w...

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Клип Moses Sumney - Doomed


Клип Moses Sumney - Seeds


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