More Than A Thousand

  1. First Bite 3:39
  2. No Bad Blood 3:19
  3. Morning in 82' Avenue
  4. Interlude 1:02
  5. Fight Your Demons 3:03
  6. Heist 3:20
  7. I Am the Anchor
  8. It's Alive
  9. Lost At Home
  10. Nothing But Mistakes 3:25
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More Than A Thousand was born in Portugal, lives in London, records in Sweden, sings in English and plays universal, driving, contagious rock hard music. The core of this hardworking band has been together since 2001, honing an explosive live show and masterminding a DIY promotional campaign that has built a huge and exuberant following in their native Portugal. They moved to London in 2005 to expand their realities and take their engaging message to a wider audience: The world is a stage and it’s yours to take.

More Than A Thousand’s debut album “The Hollow, Vol. II” is a follow up to the EP “Trailers Are Always More Exciting Than Movies”. “The Hollow, Vol. II”, billed as ‘13 songs...

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Клип More Than A Thousand - First Bite

First Bite

Клип More Than A Thousand - No Bad Blood

No Bad Blood

Клип More Than A Thousand - Fight Your Demons

Fight Your Demons

Клип More Than A Thousand - Heist


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