1. U Ranaway 3:57
  2. In Loving Memory
  3. People
  4. Your Sweet Lovin
  5. Wednesday Night People
  6. Come 2 Me
  7. Don’t You Want My Love
  8. Hold It Down 3:54
  9. I Got Werk
  10. Jimmy D...Nickle
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Kenny Dixon Jr also known as Moodymann is a techno/house musician based in Detroit, Michigan. He creates a thoroughly hybrid form of techno/house dance music via his innovative use of reworked riffs, samples, including old movie sound track samples, mainly culled from the old blaxploitation and b-movie genres and grooves taken from that city's historically influential jazz, soul, funk, and disco scene. He also shares very political views on the current state of techno, decrying the lack of black techno and the white domination of the genre.

His dj sets sometimes feature himself playing hidden from the crowd, the dj booth covered in white sheets.

After his first several re...

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