1. Tristam - Talent Goes by 4:10
  2. Aero Chord - Surface 4:14
  3. Best of 2012 Album Mix 56:59
  4. Horizon Album Mix 7:49
  5. Revolution Album Mix (Mixed by MadMax) 4:25
  6. #195 - Monstercat: Call of the Wild 60:58
  7. Stockholm
  8. Division
  9. Revolution 011 Album Mix
  10. Hello 6:01
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Monstercat (previously known as Monstercat Media) is an electronic dance music record label based in Vancouver, Canada. The label was founded in July 2011 by Mike Darlington, CEO, and Ari Paunonen, COO.

Monstercat signs artists for single releases only, rather than exclusivity deals, which lets its artists retain copyright control of their song and the ability to release tracks on other record labels. The label follows a cycle, releasing three new tracks a week (usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) in addition to an hour-long podcast that is streamable every Tuesday at 1PM PST on Monstercat's Twitch Channel. About every thirty song releases, a new album is compiled cont...

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Клип Monstercat - Tristam - Talent Goes by

Tristam - Talent Goes by

Клип Monstercat - Horizon Album Mix

Horizon Album Mix

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