1. I'll See You In My Dreams 3:43
  2. Bubblegun 2:05
  3. Bounce 5:20
  4. Gene Labs - Optiv & BTK Remix
  5. Like a Rag
  6. No Escape
  7. Rat Pack
  8. Stardust
  9. Ultrasonik
  10. Warp Zone 5:38
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There are two known bands called Mindscape

1. Metal \ Techno band
As the name reveals, it is reflecting on the interiors of the mind.
Set on all ranges of emotion, MINDSCAPE are bringing a solid compound of metal, pop, and techno into a new breed of music.
Bringing these key elements together into the rhythm and melody of their songwriting,
it is creating a composite, forging a solid foundation to build their music upon. Breaking new boundaries and heading for the new frontiers, this is the essence of this band.
In every way, they are trying to expand their horizon of what is possible to create.

MINDSCAPE is now on the verge and about to take their lea...

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